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To follow me on to get my daily thoughts and trades.One of them already been pointed out - the counter-party risk.To post messages to your Twitter account, you must first give authorization from what you call facts are ideologically biased interpretations.

AMD Radeons are far more efficient than NVidias for the X11 hashing algorithm that Ethereum uses.AIUI, the way margin buying works is, the first, second, and third priorities are repaying the broker, and the moment your collateral looks like it might not be enough they will dump everything without caution to get the money back, which can result in making stupid (in hindsight) trades.

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In our view, the correlation in USD terms to ETH and BTC will be strong for the foreseeable future,.Plan your options trading with the strategy simulator and do your analysis like playing game Various Strategy Templates: Covered Call, Call Spread, Put.I saw several 1080s and 1080 TIs in stock at a local Microcenter in New York just two days ago.

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Retail traders are becoming more and more interested in what futures have to offer as an addition to their investment portfolio.SPY.Daca ai putea invata despre hinduism din perspectiva crestinatatii.

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Get detailed information about the Real Goods Solar Inc (RGSE) stock including price, charts, technical analysis, historical data, Real Goods Solar reports and more.No. there was a market flood so the asking price went down to 10 cents for about 2 seconds.

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Yep, someone who bought ETH during the pre-sale cashed out ( ) which then triggered the cascade.If you do margin trading, you will get rekt sooner or later in this space.To save a draft you must first compose a message in the message box.It was actually a cascade - the market sell brought it down to 224, but then there was a crush of margin calls and market stop loss orders, which triggered all the way down to 10 cents.That was a niche vendor producing items that had basically no other uses.

Since a crash like that is unlikely to happen (first time on that exchange I believe) it just means you have money tied up when it could be put to better use.

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Wilson equated Coinbase to the likes of leading Wall Street institutions while speaking at a conference organized by StockTwits.

Then people will be able to get the card for a reasonable price.

Get detailed information about the Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (ATNM) stock including price, charts, technical analysis, historical data, Actinium Pharmaceuticals.And they could reverse the trades and null them out on both sides.Of course, the Ethereum flash crash is on a different level:-).The risk is if you buy and continues to fall to 0.02 cents and stays there.The nice thing about flash crashes due to dumping is that they are self-punishing: whoever was dumb enough to dump that much ETH in a few seconds cost themselves a ton of money.How can someone adjust to such behavior, apart of stopping to trade it.

Click to see more information on Natural Gas ETFs including historical performance, dividends, holdings, expense ratios, technicals and more.The worst that can happen is that the price never hits the bid and then you have to be content with the regular price.Prices denoted in BTC, USD, EUR, CNY, RUR, GBP. 2018 index, chart and news 2017.So the combination of volatility and careless traders created this situation as far as we know.Remember the whale that hunted shorts and longs hours before the ETF rejection.This caused stop-loss and margin calls to be triggered, adding a huge amount of market order sells, which crashed the price to effectively zero (more sell orders than buy orders on the exchange).On reddit someone commented that this whale must have know what he was doing.

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Zacks is the leading investment research firm focusing on stock research, analysis and recommendations.Ethereum price on Wednesday fell to as low. sell was placed on the GDAX ETH-USD order. of trade history around the time of the flash crash on StockTwits.How to turn 2.0003 million dollars into 3: 1- Have 1 million dollars in ETH 2- Place a buy order at a very low price 3- Place a sell order for the 1 million dollars in ETH you own 4- Have a partner fill that sell order 5- Watch the price topple down and your order from 2 get filled.