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Intensity 19, Vectors, 1, Worksize 512, TC 28550, GPU threads 1.The economics of it are fascinating, but the real interest for us is that you can use your GPU to accelerate.Windows 7 64-bit Pro., 65C, Z77 Sabertooth, i7 3770k, OCZ ZT 550W, 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600, Boost button on.Windows 7, Catalyst 13.11 beta, SDK 2.9, 60 C stable at 1850 rpm, MB MSI 990FXA-GD65, Sempron 145, 4Gb RAM, x1-x16 powered.

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Windows 7 x64, Catalyst 12.8, SDK 2.7, 67C, ASUS Crosshair IV Formula, AMD FX-6100, 8 64bit, 68C, FX-4100, GA-970A-UD3, 12GB RAM, none, Kosh.Windows 8.1, 62 degrees Celsius, amd fx-4300, 4gb ram, msi 970a-g46, 320 GB hdd.

W7 x64 Catalyst 13.12 SDK 2.7, 69, AMD 955BE, GA970A-UD3, 4Gb RAM, 4GB still allows normal use at high intensities.Win7x32, AMD driver 12.11 b5, 67,, Scorpio.Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit, 73.0, Dell L502X, Intel Core-i5 Sandy Bridge 2520M, 6 GB DDR3.

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W7 x64, Latest GPU drivers, 63.5, mobo, Changed stock cooler with Arctic Accelero S1 PLUS cooler, hcmveerman.Thread concurrency 6144 worksize 256 vectors 1 intensity 18 GPU threads 1.

From Litecoin Wiki. Ati Radeon drivers 13.12, 70, GPU,. 6850, 11179-09-20G Sapphire: 285.

Debian 7.2 32 Bit, Driver 319.37, cuda Version 5.5.22, 80 C, Dell Precision T5400,, zerozero.Win 7 Catalyst 13.12, 78C, core2dueo 3G, x16, 7 Pro x64, Catalyst 13.11, 68-72, I7-3770k, 16gb RAM, 240gb SSD.

Find great deals for Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6850 (100315L) -1GB GDDR5 Video Card.Windows 7 x64, AMD 13.12 drivers, 73, 12GB RAM, AMD FX-8350 CPU, Box fan pointing at crate to reduce temps.Win7, 64bit, Catalyst 13.12, 75, Core Duo 6400, 2GB RAM, was rubbish on all settings, until I used --thread-concurrency 10240,

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WIN7 x64, 75, Asus P5Q, Q9550, 8GB DDR2, 440Watts whole system, marvelmaster.Windows 8.1 64bit, 72C, AMD athlon II X2 240e 2.8Ghz, 8Gb ram, gigabyte MB, target temp.TDP 111% avg, 80.04.6F.00.13 (P2004-0001), sambiohazard on bitcointalk.Windows 8.1, Maxwell driver, 60, ASRock 970 Extreme4, AMD FX-8320, has two ATX motherboards that are perfect for setting up a Bitcoin mining.

Win 7, 334,67 beta drivers, 67c, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H, x32-x32, Not overclocked, Z87, Z0ne.As expected dual-mining does work well and provides a nice bit of extra profit when compared to single.

Windows 8 x64, Catalyst 13.12, 95, U 1536 shaders, PSPSlimBoy.Win7 Ult, 322.21, 64C, Asus IV Hero, I7-4770k OC 4.4k, 8 GB Corsair Vengence 1866, no, Custom fan curve runs 76%.Arch Linux, 331.20, 83C, ASUS p9X79 PRO, LGA 2011, Intel i7 4930K, 80.04.b4.00.19, whyrusleeping.Windows 7 64bits, drivers 332.21, 66, ASROCK B85 PRO4, N overclock, N over voltage, just fan speed put to 80%.GPU Threads 1, Thread Concurrency 8192, Worksize 256, Windows 7.R9 290X, 113-1E271100-O44 DUAL-X R9 270X 4GB GDDR5 OC WITH BOOST Sapphire.

According to CrazyGuy on the Bitcointalk forumn, the instructions are as follows.

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If you are using reference design AMD Radeon RX 480 GPUs for mining Ethereum only or Dual Mining Ehtereum and DCR or SIA and you still not have tried any of the.OS, 55, Motherboard, Custom firmware image to unlock shaders,, jayyeah977.Windows 7 64bit, AMD Catalyst 13.12, 80C, ASUS P8H77-V LE, none, U Shaders, (113-4E18600-S42).Windows 7, Catalyst 13.12, 57.0 C, sempron 145, 4GB DDR3, GA-990FXA-UD5, x1-x16 powered.I am looking into other asic devices other than the ones produced by butterfly labs, I was directed to the rockminer but I am still wanting some feedback on if I should get one.Win 7 x64, 76, Asus M5A97 Evo, FX-9370, OCZ SSD, 1x 16x powered, Was just for fun.

Win 7 Pro x64, Catalyst 13.11 Beta, SDK 2.9, 66C, M4A77D, 1055T AMD 2.8GHZ, 8GBRAM, GPU FAN 3300RPM, F72.TC 21568, Vectors 2, GPU Threads 1, Worksize 256, I 19, Stratum Y.Win 7 Home Premium, driver ver., SDK v2.9-Windows-641, 64 C, ASrock 970 Extreme 4, AMD Sempron 145, 4GB memory, x16-x16, x1-x16, Replaced factory thermal paste with Arctic Silver 5,, hotsun.Win7, 65c-70c, MSI B75A-G41, i3 3225, 520W Seasonic M12 II Bronze, -, -.Windows 7 X64, 332.21, 86, Asrock 870 Extreme 3, Phenom X4 965BE, P1261-0002.Win 8 Pro x64 Catalyst 13.9, Core, Replaced thermal grease with Gelid GC Extreme, jaK.Ethereum (ETH) ranks second only to Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of market capitalization,.Win 7 64bit, 65, GB-P67A-UD3, i5-2500k, 8GB RAM, 1x x1-x16 unpowered, mod, ca7alyst.Only thing that I am having problems with are the performance issues.

WIN7, 60, Celeron G465,Asrock H61 PRO BTC, x1-x16, Watercooled, HD6970 STOCK BIOS.I am reluctant to purchase one of those because I am not sure if I can make up the investment and how long the gravy train (if there happens to be one by chance) will last.Windows 8.1 Catalyst Version 13.11 2D Driver Version Direct3D Version OpenGL Version AMD Catalyst Control Center Version 2013.1107.1129.20543, 58-64c, fx 6300 cpu, m5a97 LE R.20 mobo, 113-785CNJ180.SB.Win 7, i5 3570k, asrock a77 extreme2, 16GB 1600Mhz., Second GTX 670 in SLI runs 5-10khs less, 332.21.Windows 7 64 bit pro, 94, Gigabyte 990FX UD3, 8320, 8gb 1866, It runs really well, horus.