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Bitcoin, as a peer-to-peer currency, could signal the end of the need for traditional financial institutions and systems.

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And in any event, bitcoin is never going to work as a global payments system.Hi guys, I posted an article about Bitcoin on my site today, over here: Bitcoin: The Digital Currency of the Future.The first person who came up with the idea of money did more to advance civilization than most inventors whose names we know.No one wants to risk losing millions of dollars worth of currency overnight, just because they were outsmarted by some computer hacker.

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Such people, including Satoshi Nakamoto, are far from unique in their mistrust of all existing financial institutions.And even if there were, your local Ukrainian bank might frown on sending lots of hryvnia to Mt Gox.

Plummeting prices have again raised questions about the wisdom of owning it, if.Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency, complete without paper notes or metal coins, despite the name.And of course we can keep it in any mix of currencies we want as well.

To hear their predictions on what the future holds for the controversial virtual currency, check out the video above.

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Bitcoin has been used to finance terrorism according to the Wall Street Journal.Not a chance. As a peer-to-peer currency, Bitcoin is a great leveler of pure value and speculation.Why Bitcoin Matters. The Bitcoin currency had to be worth something before it could bear any amount of real-world.

The way that the money supply grows, in the bitcoin system, is by people harnessing the power of hundreds or thousands of computers to solve very complicated mathematical tasks, earning bitcoins for doing so along the way.The Future of Money: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Technologies Are a Way of. to their unorthodox ideas about currency.All in Vain was blamed by many in the bitcoin community for his stupidity: what was he thinking, keeping his wallet on a Windows computer attached to the open internet.Given the choice between something old and solid, on the one hand, and something new and virtual, on the other, the market is still voting for the asset class which has proved its worth over millennia.

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Mining for bitcoins involves an enormous amount of computer power, and very little luck, and the global rate at which new bitcoins will be mined is both predetermined and slowing down.Especially since, to all intents and purposes, bitcoins are invisible to law enforcement and the taxman.The population of the entire country, as represented by the government, stands behind bank deposits and promises to honor them even if the bank goes bust.Bitcoins hold exactly the same gleaming promise for techno-utopians as gold does for Glenn Beck.It is a form of cryptocurrency (virtual currency) and payment.What is Bitcoin: FAQs and Facts about the Currency of the Future.

AML Bitcoin may be the future of how we pay for goods and services in a way that does not allow the black market of money laundering and terrorist funding to use the same services.AML compliance is tough, yet beneficial to bring digital currencies out of the shadows.What sets Nakamoto apart is that he turned that mistrust into a philosophy, the most important driving force behind the bitcoin project.The list of things which have been bought with bitcoins is very long, and is by no means confined to laptop computers and computer-programming is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis.Bitcoin has been used in human trafficking according to the New York Post.It is a brand new concept and it is a digital currency that is not issued by a central bank.

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PROPONENTS of Bitcoin like to suggest that it will be the money of the future.His coins will, at some point, become worthless, rather than turning him into some kind of visionary cyberbillionaire.The same thing would happen to all other goods and services in the world, including your own salary.

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Governments determine the ultimate value of money, and systemic forces will sometimes cause them to gravitate to policies that produce inflation.The result is an economy which would simply grind to a halt, with massive unemployment and almost no economic activity.

It would have to be flexible, too: some transactions would be cashlike and irreversible, while others would allow some kind of chargeback.WATCH: DREAMers Shout Pelosi Down at Press Conference on the DREAM Act over Her Work with Trump.